Ph.D. students

The following Ph.D. students are or have been (co-) supervised:

  • Ninghang Hu (2016 exp.): Human Activity Understanding for Robot-Assisted Living
  • Olaf Booij (2011): View-based Mapping for Wheeled Robots
  • Tim van Kasteren (2011): Context awareness in residences for elderly
  • Marcel Heerink (2010): Acceptance of assistive social robots by older adults
  • Athanasios Noulas (2010): Probabilistic Audiovisual Fusion
  • Wojciech Zajdel (2006): Bayesian Visual Surveillance
  • Sjaak Verbeek (2004): Mixture Models for Clustering and Dimension Reduction
  • Joris Portegies Zwart (2003):Aircraft Recognition from Features Extracted from Measured and Simulated Radar Range Profiles
  • Roland Bunschoten (2003): Mapping and Localization from a Panoramic Vision Sensor
  • Stephan ten Hagen (2001):Continuous State Space Q-Learning for Control of Nonlinear Systems
  • Anuj Dev (1998):Visual navigation on optical flow
  • Joris van Dam (1998): Environment modelling for mobile robots: neural learning for sensor fusion
  • Patrick van der Smagt (1995):Visual robot arm guidance using neural networks