Virtual worlds for well-being

The aim of the COMMIT P4 project is to improve the well-being of (elderly) people when they want to stay healthy at home as long as possible. The mental and physical condition can be improved by a virtual world in which fitness systems are equipped with intelligence. For example, if the movement of a home-trainer is connected with a street map viewer, one can enter the address of living at the age of 20 and then both the physical and mental capabilities are trained. In addition, a well-being feedback system will monitor the emotion of a person or a group of persons when a specific type of music or gaming effects with avatars are introduced in the virtual world.

My group is involved in three pilots.

Pilot Monitor The aim is to develop an intelligent environment to monitor activity of groups of people, and analyze the effect of various stimuli such as media, light and atmospheric music.
This work package will be implemented as a living lab project. We will consider a recreation and activity room of an elderly home. We expect that the findings in this pilot project will lead to up-take by societal and commercial parties such as houses for elderly and public environments.

Pilot Touch Here we explore ways to assist elderly with ICT-solutions to stay in touch with their peers and the caring community. We collaborate closely with UTwente en Waag Society on tangible interfaces. In particular insights into how objects are manipulated and affective information from this can be gathered, and insights into how tangibles can communicate social emotions.

Together with UTwente a 'Tactile Sleeve' was made, that recognizes the way the arm is touched and transfers it to a perception at another person.

Together with UTwente a ‘Tactile Sleeve’ was made, that recognizes the way the arm is touched and transfers it to a perception at another person.

Pilot Exercise In this work package we will use the results of Animation, Sensing Emotion, and Tangible Interfaces work packages, together with the standards and interfaces from Integration and Communication Layer, to come up with a demonstrator in the field of play. The demonstrator will enable the user to perform sports or playful activities in a virtual world with real-life effects.


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